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Result cards must be received by the Sunday following the game. No points will be awarded if cards haven't been received within this time.

Remember, both teams to send results cards, with full names of players,
Division in which you play,
Team name, including A or B etc,
Date of game.
And last but not least, the actual score!

In the Knockout 4s please remember that you can only play a maximum of 5 players. If you progress through the rounds you cannot play a sixth player under any circumstances. If you need clarification of this rule, please speak to one of the committee.


For the Pairs and Singles competitions, teams must be at the venue and registered by 7:30. After this a draw will take place to give the extra available spaces to others who want to play.


Teams changing venue must inform the Committee and must pay a £10 moving fee.

The Bell Bynea A team willl now be playing from the Joiners, Llwynhendy

If you need to contact another team there are contact numbers under the menu Team Contacts - do not expect the committee to contact teams for you - you have to do this - except in extreme circumstances.

If any team has not provided a contact number we cannot enforce reimbursement of sandwich costs due to a late cancellation.


Highest Out

To record a high finish, both cards must be signed by both captains and received by the committee. One card is not enough.
Starting us off with a finish of 78 is Nancy Kingdon of the Llanesco Club, and Gwen Spittles of the Red Lion A with 91 out, but both have been beaten by Carolyn John of the Seaside Club B with a score of 92 out. Jan Harries of the Furnace B has finished with 130 in the Singles competition. This is going to take some beating!


To record a 180, both cards must be signed by both captains and received by the committee. One card is not enough.
The first 180 of the season has been hit by Ang Maclean of the Seaside S & S Club C who has now been joined by Kelly Evans of the Harry Watkins

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