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Brief Rules

1 Matches to start by 8.30 pm
2 Dartboards are to be in good condition with good lighting
3 Scoreboards to be in a suitable position for both teams to see and must not be electronic
4 Full names to be on the board before the game starts
5 No changing names once the game has started
6 A player taken ill or called away for a good reason can be substituted
7 Players must check the scoreboard is correct before their throw
8 A player must check her score is correct before removal of darts from the board
9 No alteration to be made once the next player has thrown her darts
10 Tellers and Scorers are the Match Officials. Don't throw your darts if they are not present. The Teller must call 'Game' but the Scorer is there to check it.
11 Minimum number in a team is 5 players
12 Teams playing short must play the odd player last
13 The League and Knockout Cup games will be played as follows:-
1001 game first, two games of Fours of 701, four games of Pairs of 501. If both Captains agree the 1001 game may be played last
14 Any team may register a maximum of 1 Super League OR 1 County player. Names of any such player must be submitted to the committee prior to their playing in the league.
15 No Super league or County player will be allowed to play in the Singles or Pairs competitions
16 All players within this league must be over 16 years old
17 You are allowed to play new players if they are not already registered with another team. If this player is registered with another team, you must inform the committee in writing of her full name, which team she is transferring from and which team she is transferring to. This must be accompanyed by a cheque for 5 made payable to Llanelli & District Ladies Darts League. This must be received by the Treasurer before they will be allowed to play.
18 The team captain is responsible for ensuring that players are on the oche in a timely fashion, in order that the smooth flow of the game is not interrupted. e.g. smoke breaks
19 The League registers Teams, not pubs or clubs
20 Teams are not allowed to change venues without informing the Committee and the matter subsequently discussed in a Committee meeting
21 48 hours notice must be given to opposing teams and the League Secretary if you cancel a match. Failure to do so will result in a 5.00 fine to be payable on registration night. The opposition team must send a card to the Secretary claiming 5 points.
22 Both teams must send result cards to the Secretary and both must contain the full names of players, team name, date, league and result. Cards to be sent to Secretary to reach her by the Sunday following the game. Late cards will result in lost points unless you have proof of posting.
23 League games may only be cancelled in cases of bereavement. Any other game that is cancelled will result in points being forfeit and 5 points being given to the opposing team.
24 Any team cancelling three or more games, will not be eligible to register next season.
25 If a team withdraws from the league before halfway all points against that team will be scrapped. After halfway point, only second half points will be scrapped. That team will not be eligible for the next season.
26 Cards will be sent by the Secretary to inform you of your venues for the Tournaments
27 Registration fee is 10.00 per team, Singles 1.00, Doubles 2.00, Fours 2.00. - Total 15.00, payable by cheque only, payable to 'Llanelli & District Ladies Darts League.
28 Teams are allowed to enter two teams of four (plus one sub) in the Knockout 4's competitions but only 1 pairs team (plus one sub). Any player that has played and been defeated in the same competition, cannot under any circumstances play for another team in the same competition for the remainder of that season.
29 Any team changing venues after the start of the league season must inform the committee as soon as possible. Each team that changes venue must also inform the committee in writing, enclosing a cheque for 10 made payable to Llanelli & District Ladies Darts League.
30 As a direct result of the change to a League system, with promotions and relegations each season, there will no longer be a playoff for Section Winners
31 Games must only be played on the dates specified on your fixture lists. Any teams found to be playing a league game on any other date (either earlier or later) will lose any points won during that game and will be penalised with a further 10 points deduction.
32 Competition fixtures such as Knockout 4's must only be played on the dates specified on your fixture lists and notification postcards. Any teams found to have played on any other date (either earlier or later) will be ejected from that competition. Both teams will also not be allowed to enter that competition during the following season. No reduction in fees will be given.
33 Registration for Singles and Pairs tournaments is 7pm. Games to start at 7.30pm. All teams playing on Semi-Finals and Finals nights must register at 7pm with games commencing at 7.30pm.
34 Sandwiches are optional and can be given out before the end of the games
35 Any team banned from a venue, as a direct result of taking alcohol purchased elsewhere, to that venue, will lose points for that game. The home team will be awarded 4 points plus one point for a win.
36 Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated within this league. This includes; calling at, shouting or heckling players whilst they are on the oche - stopping for a chat with the scorer or teller after your throw - generally wasting time and standing in front of the thrower (Other than the scorer or teller) - general aggressive behaviour or foul language.
37 Complaints or queries you wish to discuss at the AGM must be submitted in writing to the Chairwoman one month prior to the AGM. No other matters will be discussed.
38 All complaints and queries to be sent in writing to the Chairwoman within 14 days
39 Results will be updated via the web site. Discrepancies can be for many reasons. In this case check with the Secretary

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